Transforming Diagnostic and Therapeutic Imaging
with Devices, Deep Learning, and the Cloud.


Ultrasound’s benefits are proven in over 100,000 clinical studies, yet fewer than 1% of the world’s health care professionals have direct access to this important medical technology

Our products democratize access to ultrasound by making it incomparably easier to use,
while significantly reducing its cost to own and operate

Devices + Deep Learning + Cloud


Our technology platform yields the lowest-cost imaging devices on the market by taking advantage of over
50 years of Moore’s law


Our smart devices learn as they image and use that knowledge to guide users through ultrasound image acquisition and interpretation


Our secure cloud solution enables viewing, annotation, storage and archiving of images and collaborative ultrasonography anywhere in the world

Watch the video to learn how we are bringing together devices, deep learning, and cloud computing to transform diagnostic and therapeutic imaging


At Butterfly Network, we believe that revolutionary imaging devices should be accessible to every health care professional.

To enable this goal our devices employ deep learning principles to automate workflows and image interpretation. This reduces the operator-dependent nature of image acquisition and interpretation. Universal access to the cloud provides the infrastructure to enable digital health and clinical collaboration. Our devices are also designed to reduce acquisition and operating costs.

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Butterfly Network Recognized as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum

Unprecedented 4th Award for a Company Founded by Dr. Jonathan Rothberg. Butterfly was chosen by a professional jury among hundreds of candidates as one of the 49 selected companies. View the press release

Butterfly Network Co-founder Named in Forbes 30 Under 30

Nevada Sanchez, a co-founder at Butterfly Network, has been honored as one of Forbes 30 under 30 for 2015.

Butterfly Network Named in Top 12 Companies Leading the Way in Digital Health

Butterfly Network (a 4Catalyzer company), has been named as one of the top 12 companies for innovative research in digital health.

Butterfly Network Announces Over $100M in Financing to Bring Together Novel Devices, Deep Learning, and Cloud Computing to Transform Medicine

The first of three new healthcare companies from 4Catalyzer that are transforming medical imaging, pharmaceutical development, and diagnostics.


Johns Hopkins Design Day

Johns Hopkins Biomedical Engineering Design Day 2015

Tuesday, May 5, 2015, Johns Hopkins Medical Campus, Baltimore , MD, USA
Join us for Design Day 2015, an annual all-day celebration of innovation and design in the service of human health. Over 20 teams will be presenting high impact solutions to some of the world’s most pressing healthcare challenges. The program contains formal presentations, including a keynote address by Dr. Jonathan Rothberg plus plenty of time to speak to the teams and handle and discuss prototypes. Learn more…

Decoding Our Past: Jurassic Park, Neanderthal, and You

Tuesday, February 3, 2015 , Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA
A 4Catalyzer / Butterfly Network Speaker Series event featuring Dr. Jonathan Rothberg, Chairman of 4Catalyzer, inventor of high-speed DNA sequencing, founder Butterfly Network,LAM Therapeutics, Hyperfine, Quantum-Si, Ion Torrent, RainDance, 454 Life Sciences, ClariFi, and CuraGen.

Artificial Consciousness and Revolutionizing Medical Device Design

Tuesday, December 9, 2014, Norton’s Woods Conference Center at the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, Cambridge, MA, USA
A 4Catalyzer / Butterfly Network Speaker Series event, a fascinating discussion about how artificial consciousness and revolutionary medical device design are poised to transform healthcare. Our visionary speakers will discuss: consciousness as a state of matter that can be described in terms of quantum mechanics and information theory and revolutionizing medical device design through advances in integrated circuits and microelectromechanical systems.

How The Age of Machine Consciousness is Transforming Our Lives

Thursday, November 13, 2014, Trump SoHo Ballroom, New York, NY, USA
A 4Catalyzer / Butterfly Network Speaker Series event, an engrossing discussion on artificial intelligence and how it is impacting our lives moderated by Eliza Strickland, Associate Editor at IEEE Spectrum.


We understand that success requires being at the right place at the right time, surrounding yourself with the right people, and having the resources to get the job done. Butterfly provides a stimulating environment full of smart, highly committed individuals who are given the freedom, ownership, and resources to solve the most difficult problems in medical imaging. As we are developing entirely new approaches you will have opportunities to do prize-winning science and publish your high-impact work in top-tier journals.

We seek accomplished, passionate, creative individuals to join our team. If you have demigod-like abilities in electrical engineering, mixed-signal ASIC design, microfabrication, deep learning, cloud computing, or hold any dual degree with distinction along with computer science please contact us and help “put a dent in the universe”!

Resumes should be sent to Please include the position title in the subject line of the message.

Please see 4Catalyzer for additional opportunities.

NOTE TO RECRUITERS: Butterfly Network does not accept resumes submitted by, or candidates referred from, external agencies by any means (including but not limited to via the Internet, email, fax, U.S. mail and/or verbal communications). Any third-party resume forwarded by such recruiters will be treated as a direct application and shall be deemed to be the property of the Company, and the Company reserves the right to contact the candidate directly and the recruiter will not receive any compensation from the Company.

Join us!

Cloud Engineer – Backend : Skills & Experience

• 3 or more years of experience creating immersive web-applications
• Experience with frameworks such as Django, Rails, and Flask
• Experience designing and creating sophisticated HTML5 web and mobile applications
• Experience with C++11 and object-oriented software design
• Experience in cross-platform software development
• Comfortable with entire application life-cycle and experience supporting custom developed systems

Cloud Engineer – Front End : Skills & Experience

• 3 or more years of experience creating immersive web-applications
• Extensive Experience with frameworks such D3, JQuery, node.js, and AngularJS
• Experience designing and creating sophisticated HTML5 web and mobile applications
• Comfortable with entire application life-cycle and experience supporting custom developed systems

Cloud Engineer – Dev Ops : Skills & Experience

• 3 or more years of experience developing flexible cloud-based computing environments
• Extensive experience with virtualization and cloud computing leveraging AWS
• Comfortable with Linux system administration
• Experience with scripting, management, and automation tools such as bash, Python, Perl, Chef Jenkins, and Bamboo
• Experience developing high availability systems and software for fault-intolerant applications such as medicine, scientific computing, aerospace, and finance


Guilford, CT and New York, NY

Skills & Experience

• Design and layout of high voltage circuits, low-power and low-noise analog front-ends, robust differential circuits, and high speed digital designs
• CMOS sensors, ADC, and high-speed CMOS/BiCMOS transceivers
• Mixed-mode process nodes from 0.35um to deep submicron;
• High-precision/high-speed analog mixed-signal circuit design, Custom circuit design and simulation tools, Cadence Skill language, Cadence Ocean simulation language, Python, Verilog, Verilog-A, place and route tools, ATPG;
• Must have completed multiple tapeouts: analog, mixed-mode, digital;
• Understands IO frame and pitch requirements, power rail routings, IO abutment rules and requirements, bondpad layout, EM and IR considerations, DFM;
• Understands basic ESD and latchup layout design considerations;
• Expert in Unix, GNU/Linux with refined admin and software skills;


Guilford, CT and New York, NY

Skills & Experience

• Passion to create efficient, elegant, and scalable code
• Deep understanding of C++11 and object-oriented software design
• Cross-platform (OS X, Windows, Linux) and mobile app development
• Software for fault-intolerant applications – medicine, scientific computing, aerospace, finance
• Strong background in data structures, algorithms, and software architecture
Experience with GUI design and development, Qt/QML, Boost, and OpenGL
• Experience with Java, Python, Perl, embedded c, or Objective-C


Guilford, CT and New York, NY

Skills & Experience

• Experience in the design and fabrication of mixed signal, high speed circuit boards.
• Experience with embedded microprocessors, memory systems, analog circuits, schematic capture and hi-speed PCB layout.
• Ability to work in cross-functional teams.
• Advanced troubleshooting & problem solving skills.
• FPGA design experience, Verilog/VHDL
• 5+ years hardware or electrical engineering experience


Guilford, CT

Skills & Experience

• M.S. or Ph.D. in Physics or Electrical Engineering with Digital Signal Processing • Scripting languages (Perl, Unix shell, Python, etc). • Digital Signal Processing, Synthetic Aperture Radar and Remote Sensing. • Strong mathematical understanding of scattering phenomena, wave equations, material physical properties. • Radar phenomenology to include Synthetic Aperture Radar, GMTI, Doppler, Auto-focus, iterative-based solutions, multi-static, and pulse scheduling • Algorithm science, research, and development • MATLAB prototyping and C++ and GPU implementations


Guilford, CT

Skills & Experience

  • • 3 or more years of experience creating iOS applications
  • • Released several applications with large customer bases
  • • Experience in cross-platform software development
  • • Comfortable with entire application life-cycle and experience supporting custom developed systems


New York, NY

Skills & Experience

• Deep experience in ultrasound imaging, software and electronics with sufficient technical depth to synthesize how every technical issue impacts ultrasound system performance.
• Superb technical abilities and insights into the product development of a complex medical device, spanning engineering subsystems across mechanical/electrical engineering, integrated circuit design and firmware/application software, and cloud computing.
• Strong team player with a track record of adapting to changing priorities in a startup environment.
• Hands-on experience in the development of complex medical device products, through FDA 510(k) clearance and subsequent product launch.
• Familiarity with FDA, GMP and ISO requirements for the design, verification, validation and manufacturing of medical devices and systems. Familiarity with UL, CB scheme, NEMA and IEC test standards. Ability to manage projects within a controlled quality and regulatory framework.
• Advanced degree in software or hardware engineering, MS or PhD a plus. 10+ years of progressively responsible experience in the design, development and manufacturing transfer of ultrasound devices.


Guilford, CT

The Job

Make a global impact by identifying and motivating the world’s finest engineers and scientists to join our audacious mission to improve healthcare. Most of the world lacks access to safe, high quality medical imaging- invite the best and brightest to help us change that.

The Ideal Candidate

You are a successful technical recruiter with a deep hunger for top talent. You cringe at the sight of generic, “copy-pasted” outreach and have developed your own non-traditional methods. You have a technical mind and demand a deep understanding of your company’s technology and mission. You possess a rare combination of strong empathy, eloquence, charisma and organizational skills. You are impatient and constantly striving for improvement.

Additional Qualifications

• Minimum 4 years of experience as a technical recruiter managing multiple requisitions simultaneously
• Deep experience sourcing non-jobseekers (online, at conferences, etc.) and converting them into candidates
• Basic understanding of software engineering and life science concepts sufficient to do “first pass” screening
• Experience with applicant tracking systems
• BS/BA required
• Prior experience as a recruiter in medical imaging or a related field is highly desirable though not necessarily required


Guilford, CT


Transforming Diagnostic and Therapeutic Imaging with Devices, Deep Learning, and the Cloud. Butterfly Network operates at the intersection of engineering and medicine by bringing together world-class talent in computer science, physics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and medicine. The company is privately held and well-funded by a group of extraordinarily successful entrepreneurs. We are in the enviable position of being able to focus 100% of our efforts on product and intellectual property development rather than fundraising.

Butterfly Network has created an entirely new approach to observe and heal the human body and coupled it with deep learning and the cloud to enable insights that will profoundly impact society. We seek the talent of truly gifted, self-starting and driven individuals to help advance this mission.

Technology Platform
Democratizing Access to Medicine
The Keys to Success


Jonathan Rothberg

Chairman, Product Architect, & Chief Executive Officer

Founder Ion Torrent, RainDance, 454 Life Sciences, ClariFi, CuraGen

Gregg Fergus

Board Member & Chief Commercial Officer

President of Ion Torrent, Executive in Residence at Baird, Sr VP Affymetrix

Maneesh Jain

President & Chief Operating Officer

VP Ion Torrent (Life Technologies), Founder Auriphex (Illumina), ParAllele (Affymetrix)


Bruce Rosen – Harvard Professor in Radiology
David Ferrucci – Bridgewater PI for IBM's Watson Project
Max Tegmark – MIT Professor of Physics
Charles Sodini – MIT LeBei Professor of EE

“This is the most extraordinary thing I’ve ever seen!”

“I feel like I’m in Star Wars!”

“I would have never imagined this was possible.”

“This will revolutionize surgery.”

“This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in years!”


-Internationally Recognized Medical Thought Leaders


Change the world


New York Office

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