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At Butterfly Network we are building a device that will make medical imaging accessible to everyone in the world. It’s a breakthrough that will save millions of lives.


With ultrasound a doctor can see into the heart of someone in cardiac arrest or into the abdomen of a woman with an ectopic pregnancy, and save their lives. 75 years after its invention, ultrasound remains an indispensable tool for diagnosis and monitoring.


60% of the world lacks access to medical imaging because current technologies are unwieldy, expensive, and require extensive training.

Doctors carry supercomputers in their pockets but still use the ​stethoscope​, invented 1816, as their primary point-of-care diagnostic tool.

"60% of the world lacks access to medical imaging because current technologies are unwieldy, expensive and require extensive training."

Our solution

At Butterfly Network, we are reinventing the ultrasound machine by squeezing all of its components ​onto a single silicon chip.

The result is a high performance imager more portable and less expensive than any other system in the world.

The system's onboard Deep Learning Algorithms, trained by ultrasound experts, will guide clinicians with less expertise.

We Are

Butterfly Network's leadership team has a proven track-record developing and commercializing complex, high-tech, chip-based healthcare products. Our engineering team has deep experience across medical imaging, microelectromechanical systems, and semiconductor fabrication. We are privileged to be advised by a group of luminaries uniquely qualified to guide our team.


Jonathan Rothberg
Chairman, Product Architect & Chief Executive Officer

Butterfly Network was founded by Dr. Jonathan Rothberg, who is best known for inventing next-generation sequencing. Dr. Rothberg’s previous businesses include CuraGen, 454 Life Sciences, Clarifi, RainDance and Ion Torrent. Butterfly Network is the first company to emerge from Dr. Rothberg’s startup accelerator 4Catalyzer, which is focused on medical devices.

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Gregg Fergus
Board Member & Chief Commercial Officer
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Mark Michalski
President & Chief Medical Officer
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Bruce Rosen
Professor in Radiology
at Harvard
David Ferrucci
Principal Investigator
for IBM's
Watson Project
Max Tegmark
Professor of Physics at MIT
Pierre Khuri-Yakub
Professor of EE at Stanford
Charles Sodini
Professor of EE at MIT


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